Pirate Jack's Tattoo


Below are the answers to some questions that you may have. If you cannot find the answer here, please contact me.

Does getting a tattoo hurt?

There is some level of pain however, it varies from person to person.

Where are you located in Lahaina?

The shop is located at the corner of Dickenson St & Luakini St on the second floor of the Lahaina Divers Building.
We are just steps away from historic Front Street in the heart of the Lahaina Town experience.

How much does a tattoo cost?

We have a shop minimum of $100 and larger pieces will be based on an hourly rate depending on tattoo design.

How do I get a quote for a tattoo?

An in-person consultation is preferred. If that is not possible, we can communicate via email using photos and measurements. Without measurements and details it is impossible to price a tattoo properly.

How do I book an appointment?

Walk-ins are welcome however for custom work it is always best to make an appointment for research and composition.

Please feel free to make an appointment by stopping by the shop, emailing piratejackstattoo@gmail.com, or submit an Inquiry.

Please include the following:
1. Contact Information.
2. A description of the piece.
3. Where you would like it placed.
4. Black & grey or color.
5. Any possible measurements regarding size and or photos.

How quickly should I expect a response?

Within 48 hours of receiving your email or inquiry.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Cash & Credit Cards accepted.

Do I have to leave a deposit?

Yes, we require a non-refundable deposit (unless canceled at least 72hrs before scheduled appointment). The deposit goes toward the total cost of the tattoo and ensures your time and the artist time scheduled.

What can I do to prepare for my appointment?

Always be sure to have a good meal and be well hydrated prior to your appointment. It is also a good idea to avoid excessive alcoholic consumption the night before your tattoo.

Protect your skin, apply sunscreen to the area you want your tattoo. DO NOT get sunburned. We cannot tattoo over fresh or peeling sunburnt skin.

What if I have a picture of the design I want?

Reference photos are a great starting point, they will ensure we go down the right path to get you the tattoo you want. However our goal is to give you a tattoo you can not only be proud of, but one that is completely unique. We specialize in customization.

Do you do piercings?

No, we only specialize in custom and original tattoo art.

Are minors allowed to get tattoos in Hawaii?

It is unlawful to tattoo any person under the age of 18 years old without the written consent of the parent or legal guardian who must be present and present valid ID for both parties in the state of Hawaii. Final decision will be at the artist discretion.

How do I care for my new tattoo?

To properly care for you new tattoo please follow these steps as closely as possible.

  1. Leave your bandage on your tattoo for 24hours. The bandage is water resistant but not waterproof. Showering with the bandage is acceptable, but do not submerge the bandage underwater, that would be detrimental.
  1. After your 24hours period carefully remove your bandage. You may notice that blood and plasma have collected under the bandage, this is normal and is not harmful to you. The bandage has kept all the outside pathogens out of your tattoo. If you are having difficulty removing the bandage, try removing it under running warm clean water.
  1. After removing your bandage with clean hands wash your tattoo with fragrance free mild soap (ex: Dove, Dial, Ivory etc.)
  1. Once your tattoo has been cleaned allow it to air dry and apply a SMALL amount of non-scented lotion to the tattoo. Do this for 5-7days about 3-5 times daily only when the tattoo appears dry. DO NOT OVER MOISTURIZE THE TATTOO.
  1. IMPORTANT!!!!! NO SWIMMING, HOT TUBBING AND OR SUNBATHING or any variation of the two. None of these activities should be performed after receiving a new tattoo. You should wait 2 weeks minimum for swimming or hot tubbing and 4 weeks minimum for sunbathing once you have received a new tattoo. 
  1. Exercise and contact sports should be performed with care. Your new tattoo is technically and open wound therefore an entry point to pick up and carry harmful bacteria. Sporting facilities, locker rooms and gyms tend to carry harmful bacteria. 
  1. During the healing process your tattoo may peel or scab and this is normal. Please DO NOT pick or assist the peeling process. Your body will heal the tattoo in its own time. For most people, the healing process usually takes about 2-3 weeks. During this time, your tattoo may be a little tender to the touch at the application site which usually occurs for the first 72 hours of receiving the tattoo however, it should taper off slowly. Also, your tattoo may be a bit itchy which is normal and may continue until your tattoo is completely healed.

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